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DER Include: CB A Pilz Vietnam Replaced by: DD Code: CD Code: ED Model: RX-2 Included: SS, Mtg.: C Phoenix Vietnam Code: BES00P7 Type: LTK Type: BL Range: HI Range: PVDF Junction: BNC Cable: FGEX Note: FGJ SBA Code: SB Samwontech Vietnam Model: ST Option: S L OE-converter 2.

The sensitivity of both sensors can be adjusted separately. The flame scanner is built into an OE-converter housing. The flame detection is only possible with a BFI fibre optic cable Safety integrity level: SIL3 in combination with flame amplifier D Spectral range: L x W x H 80 mm Housing: IP65 EX-Zone: RF57 Negele Vietnam ECT-R 0.

PSH-N Effective lengh: N Hitachi-nico Vietnam Washer Model: N Hitachi-nico Vietnam Bolt Model: N Hitachi-nico Vietnam Set screw Model: N Hitachi-nico Vietnam Packing Model: Boxing Packaging Packing size: B REV: K FRN: VS Flowline Vietnam Model: AVS Standard model Note: Item 1: For the AVS you need total of 6 dimension with a minimum distance of 2. BCCP Type: A S: R Accessories: Pressure gauge A33 St.

Steel Size: DN Direction: Bottom connection. Standard Muliti Scale Misc: None Design: Steel Liquid: None Note: Type A32 Sanitary bottom Liquid filled Range bar material: ABL 12 Drain cock. Fitted with safety balls Fitted with Mica shields 9. Approximate Dimensions: PL-S4M Scale: KF Lot: LR Model: Kuebler Vietnam Article No.


A whole set Model: GJLR Note: G Model: WTBP Order no: CE58 Code: SBI Frequency: Detection width: Detection Height: Conveyor Length: Mp, reg. MTT Note: For cable; connect with PLC???? MTT Cable included Model: The specification, dimension are same. Pizzato Vietnam Code: Pressure Gauge type T S: System material: SSL L: Liquid filled 04L: Connection size: Calibation chart NH: SS Tag PV: Ph li PV: Phenolic case SG: Please confirm Nameplate Panasonic Vietnam Replaced by: AW Note: NF-Mll Catalog No.: SPG Vietnam Gear: GB Type: M, Height: ZBV Specifications: Koyo Vietnam Code: SL1-A Code: Cirrus Iontoderm Vietnam Model: EVSES weight: Main unit AC power supply: Between "Main unit" and " transducers", maximum length within 30m Model: Regarding "transducer cable", we don't quote as our portion because of cost reduction.

If it is difficult to buy the cable at local, of course we can quote and supply the cable from us. Kobold Vietnam Model: Flowrate ,totalizer Output: Sick Vietnam Code: Foot Mounting Insulations Class: Continuous Duty Frame Size: Squirell Cage Mounting Method: Fan Cooled Insulation Class: Class F Spec. Glycol Pump Voltage Rating: Explosion Proof Motor Style: Foot mounted Insulation Class: Class 1 Div 1 Parent Equipment: JA weight: JB weight: Parker Denison Vietnam Model: This part has been obsolete for many years. We only have 2 available refurbished. Elco Vietnam Encoder Model: CH00 Weight: WLB Part no.

Open collector output suply voltage: DC 24V output phase: SS Range: S1 Note: S1 Suffix No: Z for???? SG Con'n: ACV Model: S Wise Vietnam Liquid filled industrial pressure gauge Model: It means center back connection is only available to 63mm dial. So I have quoted it to Lower back with panel mounting type N instead of J to mm dial. HSV Brand: Glass Surface: Standard Focus, S for all models S: Honsberg Model: Product Number: Please confirm the code Lenze Vietnam Type: Brightness, 1. Visual through the lens sight 0: DWD Not Installed 0: Option not selected 2A: IEC AC output: VMR Code: SDN ref.

SKZ WR ref. A Range: P Hitachi Vietnam Replaced by: FM Instrument Weight per pc: Autonomous micro-manometer for air velocity measurement with differential probe Pitot tube, Debimo blade. Measurement compensation according to thermocouple temperature. Supplied with xmm hood HO , Pitot tube mm TPL , 2 x1m of silicone tube, calibration certificate and transport case. DBM http: Measuring hood for DBM Sizes x mm. Supplied with mounting rods and soft case. Included Chino Vietnam Recorder Model: ELAP Contact capacity: ELAW Contact capacity: POS Model: Please confirm the code Loreme Vietnam Type: SUS Seat: Allen bradley Vietnam Model: BCS Code: BOS Code: Valve solennoid Model: SPG Vietnam Model: DU Class: CL96 Input: PFD; Input: LK Part.

EN Range: AMB Temp: EVG Order Code: LV01C 0: LV03 O: Stainless steel 1. KN 77 Synthetic oil Note: Pls make sure P No. SS Mouting: Bottom Connect Direct Mounting Range: ILKg Specifications: S - Output resistance: PSEN 2. Koganei Vietnam Pitton Code: P Model: HTM Model: Thermocouple K , Pt , 3-wire Output: Cylinder Model: Hengstler Vietnam Counter Hengstler Model: The series BTL The BTL Expanded functionalities, simple handling and innovative technology characterize the "New Standard in Industrial Hydraulics".

BTL Type: BTL04T4 Type: PM Conection size: Measuring System L Case filling fluid: XK Model: Methan CH4 Measuring Range: IP65 Dimension: PNOZ s3 Product number: BHSL Type: BCC Type: HDA A Model: Z Braid Material: Polypropylene 2. Flange Material: MSWX Code: MRLP Code: TX0AA Stem length: TXAA - We have quoted to 75mm for dial size instead of 65mm. Wandfluh - To the solenoid item 6 and item 7,we recommend you to add the manual override HB6 and plug HB0 to avoid the hydraulic oil flowing from the threaded holes M8X0.

Rockwell Samsung Vietnam Correct: Replaced by: RS Note: If they want to measure bare steel with …. C temperature, this is the right economic instrument Model: R SN: Version '' A'' standard version, instead of clogging indicator is a locking screw screwed into the hole. BES Type: ELGN Part no: SEB rotary paddle sensor flange connection type - Vac power - Connection: SEB mini type rotary paddle sensor - Power: Cross paddle Model: HMD42 as below Model: X20DO digital output module weight: X20BM01 input bus module weight: Safety Monitor, 2 AS-i Masters, 16 release circuits, power supply decoupling unit, 4 indep.

Weight net: R Lenze Vietnam No: JHL1 Enclosure: Die cast aluminium, epoxy powder coated; gasketed; coverlock; internal set point lock standard on types J, C, F; gasketed aluminium tamper-resistant dial cover on types B, H, E, aluminium nameplate.

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Set Point Range: Factory Setting: Not included. Extra cost adder will occur if required. Without this info, order unable to proceed. Switch Output: J Model: IU1Z W Art no: Aluminium Bronze Flange Size: Mobrey 'A' Flange Rating: Aluminium Bronze End Cap Material: Aluminium Enclosure Rating: IP66 Contacts: Maximum Temperature: Maximum Pressure: Liquid S. Emerson Vietnam Model: Mobrey 'A' Enclosure Material: TEK Code: Burner at Regeneration Como Note: Pls make sure the Voltage??? Fuji Vietnam Model: Please confirm the code Koganei Vietnam Model: For safe area only.

Barrier is require if detector is located in hazardous area. A, B, C Section A: Quotation of Chlorine gas detector. Section B: Calibration tool Normally: Draeger fix and gas detector must be calibrated before operating. Section C: BGE 1. W Techmach Vietnam Control panel sensor Model: Price offered does not includes bypass contactor. Applicable motor rating are based on V, WEG 2 and 4pole motors. For other motor manufacturer, please specify the inverter by motor rated current. WT N Part no: U Model: PTX1, Simplex, 2 wire, Calibration: DIN , Insulation: SS, Thermowell: SS, OD: Siemens Vietnam Code: PRS HX Note: HSL Note: Pilz Vietnam Replaced by: MDX61BA weight: W5H Part: Mitsubishi Vietnam Model: NFCS Note: Before order, confirm again Current???

Max WP bar Model: R1 Bifold Vietnam Model: P P Serial No. Can't support Rexroth Vietnam Model: A 01 A01 Oriental Vietnam Model: D Siemens Vietnam Model: VMR6 Dimension: VMR3 Dimension: PS, Model: TJ 0,7A Model: TJ 11A Model: TJ 1. Baumer Vietnam Encoder Model: ROD I'd MLAE Code: N Conn': A Conn': CD Range: None Range: PEEK, Nitrile, Basic version [D] Calibration: Factory calibration [5] Additional Test, certificate: CRN approval [H] Approval: Standard gas; 1x group.

D Order code: II Balluff Vietnam Type: B 40 C Ep Code: BD Ep classic Code: Suitable logger: TP, TP Length to be specified by customer. Operating Range: Please allow lead time of 4 weeks for manufacturing. A5E Note: Crydom - Crouzet - Bei Vietnam Replaced by: Pls confirm exactly code again Dungs Vietnam Pressure switch Type: DR Keyence Vietnam Model: Please confirm the code Honeywell Vietnam Code: BAW - Connection type: BML03M1 Type: BMLM Type: OG73RN Seri no.

I'd Type: BCCZ Code: VMR" Dimension: Fitting, Sheath Length: DIN ,Insulation: SVIG V; 1. PDG Note: Instrument Air SS tube O. Bimetal thermometer type AM Dial size: Every angle Ranges oC EA: External zero adjusment NH: Stainless steel tag SG: Safety Glass YW: SS Case and ring CD4: Individual calibration certificate Temperature Indicator Gauge: TI TI Model: W Model Description: BP Size Flange: Shipping Weight: All contribute to producing repeatable, uniform quality fabric and products from circular knitting machines with rotating needle cylinders and flat knitting machines, including all body, hosiery and sock machines.

All values are shown on an easy to read back-lit LCD display. A unique, trigger-operated, yarn access system provides easy and sure yarn access and contact with a yarn tension-sensing pin and a yarn speed wheel, while a machine frame-mounted sensor counts revolutions every time a specific, rotating or moving magnetic part passes it, to provide machine RPM and yarn consumption information This easy-to-use instrument accumulates the data required to produce repeatable, uniform material and products from one machine to the next, even when using different cylinder diameters.

AT Pilz Vietnam Model: Single Acting Air Supply: Aluminum, Black Anodized Travel Length: Potentiometer 75 mm length Cable Length: DN25 mm Float Material: PP, Polypropylene with Magnet Connection: Polysulphone O-Ring Material: PVC-U, grey Media: DN32 mm Float Material: BXE Note: PV Code: S2 Suffix No: YTA Suffix No: Pilz Vietnam Relays Model: PNOZ e3. MM Novotechnik Vietnam Model: LWH Art No. Wika Vietnam Model: UltraDome Indicator; P: None Solenoid Options; 0: None Options; Blank: DOW Switchbox; C: European Standard; F: Zytel Housing; 3: Ultra Dome Indicator; E: Language Englisch; T: Standard Area; N: Temp trasmitter Pt Serial Nr: LS-7 Part No: UCL Part number: D Glass float Fluid Type: Air Unit of measurement: Stainless Steel Valve Designation: Needle Valve at inlet O-ring material: Viton Fitting: Replacement model is But flow range is not exactly same.

I quoted ccm Air. Next higher is ccm Model: Glass SS Connections: Flow range: DYA Style: S1 Suppy: Cable gland M20x1. SV Code: M10 x 1. Beckhoff Model: UVH 46 W-A1.

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Unbalance Motor, with extended shafts at both ends, each shaft wearing adjustable centrifugal weights, shafts and centrifugal weights covered by protection hats. RAL Weight: M The following range data are valued for equipment driven by two unbalance motors Working weight: Tempsens make RTD with 3 Mtr. PTX1, Simplex, 3 wire, Calibration: SS, Process Connection: DSRP Code: Class 1, Simplex 2 wire , Ungrounded, Cali: Standard - Diameter of probe: Type K, Class 1 - Length of probe: Type A, IP53 - Process connection: Plug-In - Electrical connection: Standard Dia: EJM Order code: Humidity Only Transmitter Battery, Rubber Boot weight: Battery weight: Clearly confirmed before order!

Eltra Vietnam Model: Gasket Ring Type RF 3. STS Vietnam Type: RS Materials: Stainless steel Pressure connection: Viton Battery housing material: Item 1. D SL. On-Off Failure: Close Fluid: Air Pressure: Single acting with handwheel. Servovalve engineering srl Vietnam Spare part for actuator Actuator type: Black ABS housing.

Supplied with soft transport case and calibration certificate Model: Supplied with soft case and adjusting certificate Model: Hold, min, max, average. Supplied with calibration certificate and soft case. Schneider Vietnam Replaced by: F10T0-PS3 0. RB Model: R B05 RB Name: Air Distributor Model: R B05 PN: Brightness, 2. Sensing Head Cable All cable must be ordered in "whole foot lengths" For cables that are being specified in meters, please use the following equation to calculate the billable cable length: All cables sold with Connectors.

Ircon Vietnam DPM: Production Cancellation Weinview Vietnam Replaced by: Production Cancellation; But on Stock now Model: This is available either as a standalone readout or with a Digital Sending Unit. BTL04T9 Type: Fluke FL Specification: AC Specification: TL Specification: FL Specification: TPT21 Code: Vaisala - The price includes traceable calibration certificate for each unit and standard export documentation. Lika Vietnam Incremental Encorder Correct: Incremental Encorder Code: LM8V Brand: FTL Spec: Ptx1, Simplex, 3 Wires, Calibration: DIN, Sheath Dia: C Other Detail as per our drawing No.: Waiting Siemens Vietnam Code: Synthetic Length: BEHG Net weight: LFC Type: Digital Gauge Counter Code: Sensing Head Cable All cable must be ordered in "whole foot lengths": For cables that are being specified in meters, please use the following equation to calculate the billable cable length: Standard temp.

None Output connection: With Option: Enclosure materials - Diecast aluminium enclosure Provibtech Vietnam Model: NPort A Model: W2EAB weight: R2DAQ weight: R2DAV Model: Control Air Vietnam Type: RSKJ 1. MFR PN: AC 10to15AT Code: AJ 10to12AT Code: AJ 11to14AT Code: TJ Weight: Using for PAK-?

Inconel, Thermowell Fabricated: C Type: S Temperature range: A Part No: PN Note: MR-JA Input: HF-KP43 Input: DG Norgren Vietnam Model: Gauge With Contact Model: Argon Arc Welded Dial: Aluminum Black Colored Blow off Disc: Neoprene at Top Enclosure: B , 2" J.

H [99Q REV. HopKL T. HopKL 2 S. Dap Q. V D1-O. Hop-T2 T.

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DI [RPT. Z ng c ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff RrR RrR ffffff ffffff Z ffffff ffffff! Z ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff! Hoang bcth. Nhung bcth. Ngoc bcth. THAO Q. HopKL S. U luong Q1 T. U luong Q2 T. HSPBngang 6. Tinh tai 2 NSl U Sheet5? Gia KS TT04? B n KT xx20 cm 5. C c BTCT 35x35 cm 9. Ph ng c IaAZ Lan can tay v ng BTCT 4. Ph ng c sX Lan can tay v ng BTCT. Ph ng c Mat m nh 6. Ph ng c vxAZ kd L p ph ng t c M ffffff: Tranh AnLoc T. Thu Ctg. Chi Ctg. Gv Ctgs. NXT Ct. Nxt Cd. M 1 Nguyen Van Ly M. M 2 Dinh Van Hai M. M 3 Tran Van Thai M. M 4 Tran Thi lan M.

M 5 Pham Thi Thin M. M 6 Pham Thi Thuong M. M 7 le Thi Thuc M. M 8 Ngo Van Nhan M. M 11 Le Thi Nhan M. Huu Hoa 25 2 Hoang Van Chuong? DTCTN t th c lo m 1x2 ffffff m 4x6 ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ng P30 ng PC cpdd p ph ffffff m 0,5x1 ffffff m 2x4 ffffff fffffv fffff4 fffff s fffffF fffff fffff fffff fffff fffff fffff fffff" fffff" fffff" fffff" fffff" Vinhptt dutoan Qnam QLo 14B Cong cong No2 BaocaoC. TCT03 T. CN N? N dtxl-du? Quantity Pier Pile???? PC-summary dtct cong Piers of Mai.

To tri.

Chart Progress Tem. M y tr n lZ i1.

Giá tiền 1m gạch bông hiện nay là bao nhiêu?

M c 75cvZ San C. M m 9TZ i cvZ B. M 10TZ 0. XLS ctinh thvatlieu vtthoi1 vtthoi2 vchuyen n. Ky DToan H.

Bể Biogas Việt Hàn - Giá Bể Biogas Composite Hiện Nay Bao Nhiêu?

Y Ky-envx8rx5ncal D D A. M12 x 50 Bulon: M16 x 50 Bulon: M16 x 70 Bulon: M16 x Bulon: M16 x Bulon ma t M16 x Bulon: M20 x 45 Bulon: M20 x 60 Bulon: M20 x 70 Bulon: M20 x Bulon: M22 x 80 Bulon: M22 x Bulon: AAZ AZ r8AZ T AZ Z KA. Z Qeh? BCNZ TR Lighting. A ng t 1x2Z HA. A ng co HA. A ng ca u thangZ HA. M18 x 50 Bulon: V t li Xi m ng PC30 ffffff ffffff m 4x6 ffffff b. Nh ng c ly v n chuy n m Z n chuy n xi m n chuy n chuy n chuy ng M Z ffff a.

V t li Xi m ng PC30 ffffff 0, ffffff S m 2 x 4 0, ffffff b. Nh ng c ly v n chuy n m Z n chuy n xi m n chuy 0, n chuy 0, n chuy ng M Z a. V t li Xi m ng PC30 ffffff 0, ffffff m 2 x 4 0, ffffff b. Nh ng c ly v n chuy n m Z n chuy n xi m n chuy 0, n chuy 0, n chuy ng M a. Nh ng c ly v n chuy n m Z n chuy n xi m n chuy 0, n chuy 0, n chuy ng M1Z t li ng M ffffff b Nh ng Z 03, fffff 03, k n chuy ng M Z ng c ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff Z ffffff ffffff! DI-ESTIY ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff Z ffffff!

Z ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff Z ffffff ffffff! B Z G Z THA b gfffff D m DB1 KU2 Evol. XLS Tien-do T. XLS ctietnen thkp chitietmat chitietkhac ctietkebetong ctietcong tongkinhphi ctietnen chitietmat chitietkhac thkp ctietcong ctietcong thkluongchu-yeu Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3Y ABook1.

BTN 2. BTN 4. Z ng PC? V t li m 4x6 a XM M b. V t li m 4x6 b. HCM Cong T n ng M 4x6 a. Z a xi m ng M ffffff b. V t li a BT M 4x6 t ffffff b. HAZ ng x M a. V t li Que h chai ffffff i tr ng M28x t li u kh b. M k ch T NB. V t li chai tylen Chai b. V t li n chua Y Y Z t li u kh x! M Xe go ng 2 xe LA. M y thi c c10t u 10T BD. M y thi c ffff c16t u 16T? NC l NCdoa l riv c. Z Keo poxy Kim ti b. V t li bbcn nh ch t li u kh a BT M 4x6 1,x0, ffffff b. M y thi c l y tr n l i 1,5KW NB.